5 Minute Monthly Garage Door Maintenance

(1) INSPECT HARDWARE: Visually inspect weather seal, lift cable, brackets & fasteners, track and rollers. Door should open and close smoothly, with no sounds of grounding or scraping that can indicate wear on the door. If you suspect problems, have your door inspected by Overhead Door & Fireplace.

(2) TEST DOOR BALANCE: With your garage door in the closed position and the operator disconnected, manually lift smoothly with little resistance and should remain open, have the door inspected and adjusted by your local Overhead Door and Fireplace dealer.

(3) TEST REVERSING MECHANISM: With the door fully open, engage your garage door operator to close the door. Wave a long object, such as a broomstick, in front of the door’s photo eye. This should cause the door to reverse and return to the open position. If the door does not reverse and reopen, it should be serviced by Overhead Door and Fireplace.

(4) TEST THE FORCE SETTING:  With the door fully open, place as think, yet soft, object such as a thick sponge or roll of paper towels on the floor in the path of the door. Engage your garage door operator to close the door. When the door contacts the object, the door should compress the object slightly, then automatically reverse. If the door does not automatically reverse, the door should be serviced by Overhead Door and Fireplace.

Safety Tips:

~ Avoid a moving door: keep hands and fingers clear

~ Do not let children play with the transmitters or remotes

~ Only operate the door when you can see it


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